About The Band

While we originally formed in the summer of 2009, Band on the Moon has its beginnings rooted much further in the past. Members Felicia Anderton (vocals), Addison Aldous (drums), Elan Bartholomew (guitar/vocals/keys), Amber Waldron (bass/keys), and Steve Hutchinson (guitar) all started playing music together at the age of 15 with the (incredibly influential) help of Dave Murphy and Joshua Payne at the Wasatch Music Coaching Academy. Though the songs were initially Classic and Alternative Rock covers (with some Jazz and Funk thrown in here and there), this familiarity would lay the foundation for what would eventually turn into one hell of a fun Blues Rock group.


As the years went by, and the covers became more polished/professional/precise, the idea was finally introduced: What if we started making our own songs? And with that, the project went off like a bomb––ideas started spreading like wildfire, songs started coming together out of thin air, and within five months of becoming a band, we had our first EP, titled Patchwork Me, released to the world. With the help of the wonderful folks at Spy Hop, we then put together a full-length demo, titled From VII & IV (a tribute to the street coordinates of our beginnings at the Wasatch Music Coaching Academy), and kept the musical ball rolling faster and faster every day.


Since then, we have continued to write song after song, drawing influences from artists such as Joan Jett, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, and more, and the multiple tours we’ve done through the West Coast and Midwest in support of these songs have been a remarkably good time each and every year. From Seattle to Austin, we have been fortunate enough to have audiences that are overwhelmingly appreciative of what we bring to the table, with critics describing us as “incredibly talented musicians” (P. Buchanan, SLUG Magazine) and “phenomenal” (Lindsey Scully, SSG Music).


In the summer of 2011, we had the massive fortune of meeting Lorin Walker Madsen of High Desert Studios, who has been (and continues to be) one of the most instrumental parts of making Band on the Moon tick. With his help, we were able to put together our latest EP, titled Deal with the Devil, in August of 2012, and he is currently acting as Recording Engineer on our next exciting project (further details TBA)!